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    Checking in with my 2018 Goals

    You know way back in January when everyone was at it, setting their New Year’s Resolutions, I wrote a blog post about my goals for the coming year. Well almost 8 months have gone by and I thought it might be about time to check in on my 2018 goals. I like to call them goals not resolutions because they are something to work towards rather than something I’m going to beat myself up over if I don’t quite manage. So my first goal was to apply myself in my final term of Uni. I think it’s safe to say that went well because  I have now finished my degree.…

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    Turtle Bay Sheffield Review

    So, by now some of you may have noticed the newest restaurant and bar which has popped up in Sheffield City Centre. Turtle Bay has been fully booked almost every night since it opened on 3rd June. It’s in a prime location on Holly Street, just opposite the City Hall, perfect for Friday night cocktails or an impromtu meal. Last month myself and Josh were lucky enough to attend the Turtle Bay Sheffield branch launch event, which was a super fun party featuring live music, cocktails and a chance to sample a few bits off the menu. Since then I’ve been invited back to sample a proper meal with my…

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    Behind the Scenes of Blogging

    So I’ve been at this whole blogging thing over a year now, I know, I can’t believe it either. So after this amount of time I have a pretty solid idea of what it takes to keep my blog running smoothly and I have learned how to organise myself to make sure my content is the best it can be. I get asked quite a lot of questions, by various different people about the actual logistics of what it’s like to run a blog. There are so many bloggers and content creators out there now, which is amazing but I feel like often people don’t see what goes on behind…

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    As you know by now, I love to spread the word about new and fun things going on in Sheffield, I’m very proud of what my home city has to offer and I think what I’m going to talk about today will appeal to a lot of people. Yesterday myself, Amy and Abi were lucky enough to get invited along to The Great Escape Game in Sheffield and let me tell you, it was quite the experience. Keep reading for a full run down and a discount code for your own booking! A quick run down for those of you that don’t know what an escape room is (have you…

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    Learn A New Skill

    We are told throughout life that it is important and good for us to master new things and learn a new skill. This has become especially apparent to me in my final year of University. You learn new social skills at Uni without even realising, because you are forced to make friends with a bunch of unfamiliar people and not only that, you have to learn to live with them. However these kinds of skills come quite naturally for a lot of people. I can’t say I found it particularly difficult to build a lovely support network of housemates and course mates who are my kind of people. What is…