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    Cruelty-Free, Vegan and Organic- What does it all mean?

    You might hear the words Cruelty-free, vegan and organic thrown around a lot these days but what do they actually mean? They now adorn plenty of packaging, but do we as consumers really understand the labels? Today I thought I’d unpick what it all means and how to start being more environmentally conscious when buying beauty products.  What does it all mean?  So let’s start with Cruelty-Free. This means a product has not been tested on animals during it’s production. These products are often marked with a leaping bunny symbol meaning they are accredited as 100% cruelty-free.  Next, Vegan. This means a product does not contain any animal products such…

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    Green People Suncare

    We all know it’s important to stay protected from the sun and that we should wear SPF but how many of us actually do it when we aren’t on holiday? I can honestly hold my hand up and say I’ve never been one to apply an SPF as part of the skin care routine whilst in the UK, unless it’s already incorporated into my moisturiser. My other struggle is that I have found it difficult in the past, to find a cruelty-free sun care range which works for my skin. Enter Green People. When Green People got in touch I was super keen to work with them to help promote…

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    How To Have a Plastic Free Summer

    Plastic is everywhere these days. It packages our food and beauty products and it’s used to make everyday items like straws and carrier bags. However it is also in our oceans. Plastic is destroying marine life and the problem is only getting worse, and it’s been estimated that by 2050 there could be more plastic in the oceans than fish. So it’s time to take action to save our oceans before it’s too late, this can involve small changes like the ones below, but if we all make them it will make a difference! WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) are pushing to make changes to save our oceans, why…

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    Spring Capsule Wardrobe Update

    I mentioned in my March To Do List post that one of my aims for the month was to sort out my Spring Capsule Wardrobe. So far I’ve done an Autumn and Winter Capsule which have both worked reasonably well. There have been some stand out pieces in both of these which have kept me cosy and warm in the harsh British weather, and I didn’t find it too difficult to transition from one to the other, as all I needed were a couple of bits of knitwear. However the change from Winter to Spring is much more apparent. Although the weather is not yet boiling, it is certainly set to…

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    Sustainable Mother’s Day Gifts

    So with Mother’s Day fast approaching us this Sunday, I decided that today I would post a last minute gift guide with some thought behind it. So I’ve put together a sustainable Mother’s Day guide. Obviously we all want to treat our Mum’s to something nice for all that they do for us, but often people struggle to find that perfect gift. Working in retail I have seen the last minute panic where people will just buy anything for the sake of giving a gift, when in actual fact said present might not even be to their Mum’s taste. The suggestions I’m giving today are all sustainable and ethical and…