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    I went Skiing

    So I went Skiing! I know for some people this is nothing special, most schools run a trip nowadays but for me it was my first experience on a pair of skis, so this is how it went. We went on mass as a family to Kitzbuehel in Austria for the actual skiing, but we stayed in a gorgeous house in Reith by Kitzbehel, about 10 minutes away from the main ski resort. As a complete beginner I would 100% recommend attending Ski School. I literally can’t praise my teacher Lidia enough, she got me from never being on a pair of skis to skiing all the way down the…

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    So My Best Friend is Moving to Prague

    * Cue tears * As much as I love travel, I do not love it when it means I wont see one of my best pals for months on end. She hasn’t even left yet and I’m distraught. Let me explain, Danielle is off to study for a semester abroad, on an exchange programme at Charles University in Prague. Whilst me and my other friends, Caitlin and Sam are stuck in rainy England studying History, she will be studying History, whilst trotting round this exciting city and sending photos that will make us all jealous. Anyone who has been to University will understand that even though you might not have…

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    Without a doubt one of the coolest places I have travelled too recently is Amsterdam. A winter city break was just what we needed to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday in December after all the long hours working in retail during the christmas rush!