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    Summer Favourites

    I haven’t done a proper monthly favourites for a long time, so I thought it might be nice to bundle them all together in a summer favourites post instead. The Leadmill Comedy Club* Last month, myself and Josh headed to The Leadmill- my favourite events venue in Sheffield, for their monthly Comedy Club. We saw 3 top class comedians who had us both in stitches. They covered everything from life as a Dad, to chatting up the audience using songs.¬†We were picked on for being on the front row by the ruthless compere, but it’s all a bit of fun. Who doesn’t want interrogating about their sex life in front…

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    April Favourites

    Shock horror, another month has passed us by. I feel like the nearer I get to finishing my degree, the quicker time moves. It’s like the more I want to stay at Uni, the more time rushes towards exams, the final month and moving home. So April has been a funny old month, I started it abroad soaking up the sun, returned to some snow and finally handed in my dissertation which has been consuming my life for the past year. So despite April being manic and busy for me, I have managed to acquire a few favourites to share with you. My first favourite from April was getting to…

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    February Favourites

    With the end of February drawing near, I’m hoping that Spring may finally be in the air- it’s about time we had some warmer weather instead of the relentless biting cold. I’ve managed to accumulate a few favourites over the past few weeks, although admittedly not as many as January, but then again it is a shorter months so I suppose that’s to be expected. Not to mention I’ve spent the last couple of weeks glued to my laptop, a slave to my degree, so that really cuts down on the time to find new things I like. First up, a foodie favourite! I’ve had the Tanya Bakes book by…

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    Big Magic Book Review

    So I’m pretty certain this post is my first proper book review. I’ve mentioned books before and briefly given an overview in favourites posts but I’ve never focussed a post solely on one book before. I’m putting it out there now I will go into a bit of detail, but in theory because it’s not fiction there can’t really be any terrible spoilers. You might have heard talk about Big Magic over the last couple of years, and rightly so. I first heard about it through word of mouth from other bloggers and YouTubers, it seems to be a bit of a bible to us online lot. It’s written by…

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    6 Ways to Relieve Stress

    Self Care is a big thing nowadays, everyone is telling you to practice it, and for good reason. Self care is essentially looking after yourself both physically and mentally and making sure you’re in a good place. There’s also a bit of contention around the subject, often due to people’s differing mental health. To some people self care genuinely is sticking on their favourite candle, running a bath or having a walk. Whereas for others it may be a case of removing themselves from social situations which make them feel uncomfortable or severing ties with toxic people in their life. There is no right and wrong way of doing it,…