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    Checking in with my 2018 Goals

    You know way back in January when everyone was at it, setting their New Year’s Resolutions, I wrote a blog post about my goals for the coming year. Well almost 8 months have gone by and I thought it might be about time to check in on my 2018 goals. I like to call them goals not resolutions because they are something to work towards rather than something I’m going to beat myself up over if I don’t quite manage. So my first goal was to apply myself in my final term of Uni. I think it’s safe to say that went well because  I have now finished my degree.…

  • Intentional Living

    Hello 2018

    So here we are in 2018, I’m sure we’ll all probably spend the next month writing 2017 on every single piece of paper at work, Uni or College but never mind. Today I thought I’d talk about my goals for 2018, I don’t like calling them resolutions as often we don’t stick to them. These aren’t a complete overhaul of my behaviour or habits they are just small changes I can make to my lifestyle and goal posts to strive towards over the next 12 months and afterwards. My first goal is to successfully finish my final Semester of Uni, complete my exams, hand in my dissertation and not have…