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    A Guide To Ibiza

    Everybody knows that Ibiza is the party capital of the world, famous for it’s wild parties and DJ sets, but just what else does the White Isle have to offer? Myself and my best friend, Amy,  jetted off for 5 nights recently so I thought today I’d offer up a guide to Ibiza. So we went as a pair for a girly holiday with a couple of nights out, but a lot of chilling round the pool. Neither of us drinks a ridiculous amount so we wanted a nice balance. We’ve also both done a girls holiday before so we wanted something a bit more relaxed. Don’t fancy reading this…

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    The Girls Holiday

    You may already have been on one, you may be planning one or you may think they are the worst idea in the world but we have all heard of the Girls Holiday. It is a rite of passage that we young adults must experience before becoming a proper grown up. Or if you fancy it, proper grownups can still go and let their hair down as well. Today I thought I’d talk through the pro’s a cons of going away with your friends that I’ve found from my own experiences. Going back to Summer 2015, my A- Levels were finished, I was off to Uni in September and our…