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    Rome: Colosseum, Vatican and More

    Rome, Roma, the eternal city. Whatever you want to call it, we all know there is a lot to see in this tourist hotspot. With a blend of ancient ruins and modern shopping districts there really is something for every type of traveller. Whether you love to explore history and culture, or you prefer to dine and shop in style, Rome will cater to all your holiday needs. Myself and my boyfriend, Josh,  recently took a trip to Rome for 4 nights, and we made sure to tick off all the must-see sights including the Colosseum and the Vatican. Not to mention stuffing our faces with pizza, pasta and ice cream,…

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    We’re Going To Rome

    As I’m sure you can imagine, I’m very excited to be writing this blog post, the title is a bit of a give away as to why! I mentioned in my recent post that myself and Josh were planning to book our holiday to Rome soon, and a couple of nights ago we did just that. We parked ourselves in front of Expedia and scrolled through pages of flights and hotels until we found the perfect holiday. The most exciting thing? The week we’ve chosen means I’ll be spending my 21st birthday in Rome, I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be! Obviously the actual booking has been sorted but…

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    Around the World in 1 Blog Post

    For this weeks travel post I thought I’d do something a bit different. I decided to ask my friends and family about their favourite trips instead of rambling on about mine all the time. I thought it would give an insight into lots of different places as a whistle stop tour of the world all in one blog post. So today I have the easy job of simply adding these all together while they do all the real work and write my blog for me. I hope you enjoy it, leave comments about your favourite holiday and why in the comments below Alice age 17 My favourite holiday has to…