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    The Best Podcasts for Motivation

    Podcasts, they’re everywhere. Today I’m going to talk you through the best podcasts for motivation. The following podcasts bring me so much joy and inspiration and I love to listen to them in the car, whilst I’m walking through town or just when I’m pottering about at home. They are a great way to get a little kick up the behind to crack on with any projects you may have been putting off and it’s also nice to hear people discuss topics which interest you. I actually wrote a post last year about my favourite podcasts, it’s interesting to see how my taste has evolved and which old favourites have…

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    Door 43- Self Care Clothing

    Today I’m going to talk about an important subject and how you can help out. Mental health is a very prominent issue which is not always addressed as seriously as it should be. We’re happy to sign a cast on a broken arm, and we’re quick to send a get well soon card when someone is diagnosed with a physical illness, so why as a society are we so reluctant to accept mental illness in this same manner? Luckily in Sheffield we have a fantastic service available to young people aged 13-25, called Door 43. Door 43 is a new project launched by Sheffield Futures to provide support to young…

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    6 Ways to Relieve Stress

    Self Care is a big thing nowadays, everyone is telling you to practice it, and for good reason. Self care is essentially looking after yourself both physically and mentally and making sure you’re in a good place. There’s also a bit of contention around the subject, often due to people’s differing mental health. To some people self care genuinely is sticking on their favourite candle, running a bath or having a walk. Whereas for others it may be a case of removing themselves from social situations which make them feel uncomfortable or severing ties with toxic people in their life. There is no right and wrong way of doing it,…