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    September Intentions

    Well, September has rolled around pretty quickly this year. If we blink again it will be Christmas. So today I thought I’d talk you through my September intentions. It’s just going to be a short one, so that I can look back at the end of the month and see how I’ve got on. I always think September makes me feel reasonably productive, I think it’s the whole back to school thing that does it. However, this year for the first time in nearly two decades, I won’t be going back into education. Each September I have gone back to school or college or university, this year all that is…

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    September Favourites

    Well what a busy month September has been. I feel like it only started about 5 minutes ago but so much has happened, hence why I’ve not been as frequent with my postings (Soz about that). I have spent the last month tagging my friends in Autumnal memes, cosying up in my new jumpers and going back to uni. So my favourites this month are a nice mix, some beauty, some events and yet again some more tv shows I’ve been obsessed with. So I’ll start with the watchables, this month me and Amy watched series 1 of Doctor Foster because we knew season 2 was coming back onto our…