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    Green People Suncare

    We all know it’s important to stay protected from the sun and that we should wear SPF but how many of us actually do it when we aren’t on holiday? I can honestly hold my hand up and say I’ve never been one to apply an SPF as part of the skin care routine whilst in the UK, unless it’s already incorporated into my moisturiser. My other struggle is that I have found it difficult in the past, to find a cruelty-free sun care range which works for my skin. Enter Green People. When Green People got in touch I was super keen to work with them to help promote…

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    SPF: A Guide

    Okay so if you live in the UK you may be wondering why I have chosen to publish a blog post on Sun Protection on a very miserable day. The truth is we’ve just had yet more lovely weather and I even caught the sun a little bit whilst hanging around in the park the other day. Today I thought I’d give a quick guide to SPF, what to look for and generally just give you all a little nudge to wear your suncream.Also, my¬†boyfriend, who, I must add, has Ginger hair and Pale skin, has just returned from his holiday to Spain, with sunburn to bad he is in…