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    Easy Sustainable Swaps | AD

    We all know we should be doing more for the planet, but sometimes the thought of changing our entire lifestyle can be overwhelming. Here are some easy sustainable swaps we can all make as a collective to help reduce our impact on the planet. *Items marked with a * are PR samples sent from brands, I have no obligation to post about. As always my opinions are honest. Sustainable Period Products Every person who has a period uses on average up to 11,000 disposable products in a lifetime. These do not go away, they don’t biodegrade and they don’t help our planet. An easy sustainable swap to make is to…

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    Which Eco Friendly Deodorant Is Best?

    So you’ve decided you’d like to use some more sustainable health and beauty products. One of the first questions you might ask is which eco friendly deodorant is best or the most sustainable? I tried a few different eco friendly and cruelty-free deodorants out so that you don’t have to. Here’s a run down of which ones I tried and what I thought about them. Why is it hard to choose a good eco friendly deodorant? Natural Deodorants are an absolute minefield for so many reasons, including: Not many are available in shops. Greenwashing by big brands make their products sound more “green” than they actually are. Deodorants may be…

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    Am I Sustainable Enough?

    I’m going all out and asking the big question today. Am I sustainable enough? With everything that’s going on in the world it seems like there is an overwhelming pressure to do more to be green, but is it ever enough? The issue seems to be that there are too many issues to tackle at once. If i’m not worrying about plastic pollution, i’m worrying about fast fashion, if it’s not that, it’s food waste etc. etc. It goes on and on, and the more your eyes are opened to these issues the more overwhelming it becomes. So for my own piece of mind, and maybe to inspire some of…