• The Cabin pancakes

    The Cabin: The Best Pancakes In Sheffield

    I’m putting it out there now, I love pancakes. I love them with ice cream. I love them with fruit or golden syrup. I love scotch pancakes. I love crepes, you get the idea. So when a pancake and waffle house opened in Sheffield I was desperate to visit. You may or may not have heard of The Cabin, which is now potentially one of my favourite places to eat in Sheffield, and most certainly home to the finest pancakes around. Situated, under Atkinsons at the bottom of the Moor, it is in a prime city centre location and I have never seen it not busy so I think that pretty…

  • Intentional Living

    Bank Holiday Weekend

    So this weekend in the UK it’s been Bank holiday which means long weekend and it also coincided with my first Saturday off work since February so I thought that today I would share what I got up to! Friday 26th May  I had Friday off from work and volunteering and the weather was gorgeous so I decided to get out in the sun! Everyone was at work or on holiday so I just decided to read my book on the back garden for a while- obviously it was that hot I had to whip the suncream out because I burn so badly. I started reading Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso…